Fitting everything in is proving to be a bit of a challenge. We have assembled our donated lathe, The new table saw and the air filtration system is up and running. Sally and Ian have also been busy in the garden and have created a native hedge consisteing of hawthorn, hazel, viburnum opulus, yew, holly and elder. It will be a fantastic home for wildlife in a few years. Next week we will get the workshop ready for our first meeting of the session volunteers on Thursday 18th. We are intending on holding our first session for shedders on the 7th May!

050424A L

Our new lathe, all ready to make some bowls

050424D L

The brand new table saw

050424B L

The dust extraction filter

050424C L

The start of our native hedge

Areas covered:  Banstead  | Chipstead | Epsom Downs | Hooley | Kingswood | Nork | Tadworth | Tattenham |  Walton on the Hill | Woodmansterne