Our first proper sessions with Shedders took place today and all went well. We had two sessions. The morning session supported by Trevor and Derek and the afternoon supported by Nick P and Dave. 

We provided some training and have already been able to authorise those shedders that wished to use some of the kit. We have supplied some ideas and timber for various starter projects and the shedders have already made several sugegstions. 

The next session will be on Tuesday morning supported by Nick J and Chris. 


090524A L

Some potential projects to get started with. We have a boot remover, puzzle and mobile phone holder. You can see examples of the finished product and the timber to make them with.

090524B L

Our final picture of the workshop before the shedders are let loose.

Areas covered:  Banstead  | Chipstead | Epsom Downs | Hooley | Kingswood | Nork | Tadworth | Tattenham |  Walton on the Hill | Woodmansterne